Supt. Charles Auzqui,
Oct 28 2022

Superintendent Charles Auzqui discusses the challenges of finding people to fill positions across all areas in the school district.  It’s most acutely felt in the Transportation Department right now.   How can the shortages be fixed?   Whilst offering higher pay goes some way to helping it is not fixing the problems.  What new thinking is needed?  Listen to some creative new ideas under consideration.   

We also discussed the controversial issue of what books should be in school libraries.  Other counties in Wyoming have people on both sides of the arguments raging.  What is happening here in Johnson County?   Our Superintendent addresses that question for you.  

Watch out for a 2 part special by 307NetRadio coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Part One will feature Leigh Ann Schimmel our JCSD Library Specialist talking about books in school libraries.   Part Two will be with Steve Rzasa, Director of Johnson County Library.  

Charles referred to Educator Harry Wong – find out more at www.harrywong.com