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Challenges for JCSD#1?
May 2024

Governor Gordon vetoed legislation to eliminate gun-free zones in most public places, including schools, across the state in March this year. Although shot down for now, it’s widely expected to be just a matter of time before it is presented again and passed into statute. This issue evokes strong reactions and is a far more complicated topic than many people realize. Supt. Auzqui addresses some of the challenges and the District's next action. 

At the end of any school year, staff turnover is anticipated. But with teaching experiencing a nationwide decline in new teachers entering the profession combined with an upswing in the number of teachers leaving the profession, how is CSD#1 faring in attracting and keeping staff? 

For more information about recent resignations, click here

As federal Covid-related funding ends, Superintendent Auzqui explains how the money JCSD#1 received was spent.  What impact did it have?  How much will the district feel the pinch? 

JCSD#1 Board Meeting
May 13th, 2024

1. Regular Session
Pledge of Allegiance 0:10
Roll Call
Public Comment 1:40
BHS Gallery Presentation 1:50
Teacher of the Year 4:10
Whitney Foundation 6:10
Additions/Accept Agenda 14:40

2. General Reports
District Level Reports - Preliminary Budget 15:10
Principal Reports 34:40
Superintendent Reports 55:10
Director Reports  56:40
Rec Board Report 1:08:50
BOCES Report 1:09:40
BOCHES Report 1:10:40

3. Consent Agenda 1:11:2
Classified Staff Renewal

4. Action Items
Preliminary Budget - Approved 0:10
Salary Recommendations - Approved 1:2
Policy Revision - second reading 5:35     
Policy Revision - first reading  7:40
Communication Plan  10:50
Access Control 37:30   

5. Other Business
From the Board 47:50
Graduation Dates Reminder 52:50
Initiative 49:20    
Repealing Gun Free Zones 55:00
ESSER III 1:00:40. 
June Work Session 1:02:20
June Board Meeting 1:03:30

6. Executive Session 1:03:45
Personnel & Legal W.S. 16-4-405-(a)(ii)(iii)


Police Chief addresses concerns about illegal immigrants
May 11th, 2024


On May 8th, 2024 at the regular meeting of City of Buffalo Department Heads, Police Chief Sean Bissett addressed public concern arising from incidents involving police earlier in the month.

Listen to Chief Bissett’s detailed report and explanation of events made at the meeting. 

This meeting of City Department Heads and City Council is held monthly on first Tuesday of the month 7:00 am at City Hall. 

Reid Rasner for US Senate
Town Hall
May 11th, 2024

Reid Rasner is challenging incumbent John Barrasso for his Senate seat in Washington, DC, arguing that Senator Barrasso has failed to protect or champion Wyoming’s interests effectively. Since announcing his candidacy in August 2023, Rasner has been rallying support across the state.

A self-proclaimed "disruptor," Rasner is a businessman from Casper with limited political experience. He believes his fresh ideas and perspectives resonate with Wyoming voters and promises to be a formidable challenger to the status quo.

Listen to the full audio from the Town Hall event at The Virginian Restaurant at The Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, WY. The event was conversational, taking questions from attendees, without prepared speeches or statements, and addressed a wide range of issues important to voters.

Listen and decide for yourself how well Reid Rasner’s views align with your own and if he should win your vote. .

For more information:
Click here

We apologize for poor audio quality.  We have done everything possible to improve it but are limited by the acoustics of the venue and background noise.

Spotlight On The BATS Bus
May 2024

You’ve probably seen them around?  Or maybe you’ve noticed the spanking new barn by the Senior Center on W Fetterman St?  The BATS Bus is a little-known gem of a service to Buffalo and surrounding area.   BATS is short for ‘Buffalo Area Transit System’ which perfectly describes the service. 

Need a ride?  BATS Bus is a convenient and affordable option.  Even as far afield as Sheridan and Gillette.  Many people think it’s just for Seniors but it’s for anyone and everyone who wants to get from A to B. 

Find out more.  How to catch a ride, how much it costs, and how it can give a person some valuable independence.   

For more information
Or call 307 684 9551


Buffalo City Council Meeting
May 7th, 2024

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Approval of April 16, 2024 Minutes

New Business
Saturdays in the Square, Dusty Hill 1:00
JC Tourism Association, Jody Sauers & Toby Carrig 3:00
Proclamation - Poppy Day May 10 12:00
Proclamation - Mental Health Month May 2024 13:50
Proclamation - Arbor Day May 8 23:20
Resolution #1477 - Resolution determining the amount of taxes to be raised for municipal purposes for the City of Buffalo.  Fiscal yr ending June 30, 2025. 24:40
Federal Project STP-E-P591009 Revised concurrence letter 25:30
Lease Agreement - 149 Stockyard road 26:50
Request to access city water outside city limits - Troy & Michelle Muffet 27:45
WAM Voting Delegate 29:50

City Attorney, Dennis Kirven  30:50
Building Inspector & Planning Director, Terry Asay 31:00
Police Chief, Sean Bissett 32:15
Public Works Director, Kevin Silbernagel 34:00
Brent Bennett, Nelson Engineering 34:15

Oral/Written Comments 36:25
Cindy Woolston & Kerry Aggen - City Water
Kerry Aggen - Water Meters 

Announcements  41:10
City Budget mtg - May 13@ 1pm
City/County mtg - May 21@ 7 am
City Council mtg - May 21@ 5 pm.
Planning & Zoning Board mtg May 28@ 1 pm
City Comprehensive Plan survey available through May
City Council filing period May 16-31

Approval of Bills 41:45

Adjourn 42:00

County Commissioner Meeting
May 7th, 2024

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of April 16, 2024 Minutes

General County Business
Forest Service Law Enforcement, Sheriff Odenbach 1:00
County Commissioner Scholarships 3:10
Catering Permits, Jackie Camino 4:00
Problem Gambling Funds, Commissioners 7:15

Vouchers 15:40

Public Comment
JC Tourism Association Jody Sauers, Toby Carrig 16:30
Bob Perry, Kaycee Library Improvement

Adjourn 20:45


City of Buffalo
Dept. Head Meeting
May 7th, 2024

Open 0:00
149 Stockyard Road Lease Agreement 0:15
WYDOT 2024 Revised Agreement 1:20
WAM Resolutions 3:50
Bald Mountain Sanitation Lawn Care Agreement 6:00
Major Capital Construction Projects 11:00
- Street Lighting
- Wells Project
- Waste Water Plant / Water Meter Replacement
- Sunset Ave Construction

Department Head Items
Public Works, Kevin Silvernagel 16:45
County Attorney, Dennis Kirven 19:50
Municipal Clerk, Julie Silbernagel 43:30
Police Chief, Sean Bissett 44:50
Planning Director/Building Inspector 51:40

Council Items
Mike Madden, Food Truck Permits 1:01
Mayor Schrader, City Pool

Adjourn 1:04

Saturdays In The Square '24
Who is Playing?
May 2024

There's truly nothing like basking in the warmth of a summer day and temporarily letting go of the world's worries and immersing in the magic of live music.

'Saturdays in the Square', hosted at Crazy Woman Square in Buffalo, has garnered quite a following.  This year, three dates have been scheduled, promising an array of talented musicians hailing all the way from Bozeman to Nashville.

While the events draw folks from out of town, they are primarily for local people to enjoy great live music without having to travel far from home.

Dusty Hill, from Lobban Street Music, the organization behind Saturdays In The Square is always scouting out new bands.   He recently stopped by to unveil who is set to grace the stage this summer.

Find out more about the lineup of musicians, how they are chosen, and what to expect from this year’s Saturdays In The Square.   

Make sure to mark your calendars! Gather your tribe and head to Crazy Woman Square for an unforgettable experience.

Click here for Summer '24 dates and artists

For more information:
Saturdays In The Square

Property Tax Refund
Do You Qualify?
April 26th 2024

The Property Tax Refund program has been expanded this year to include households with up to 145% percent of the Median Household Income for Johnson County ($107,184). The application period is open until June 3rd, and it’s worth checking if you are now eligible.  

Applications should be made through the Johnson County Treasurer’s Office (not the County Assessor). 

Johnson County Treasurer Carla Bishop explains more about the program, eligibility, and how to apply.

The thresholds and refunds vary county by county.  
In Johnson County you are eligible if:
  - WY resident for 5 years
  - Resident in the property for 9 months of the year
  - Household income below $107,184
  - Assets below $156,900 per adult 
  - Paid 2023 taxes on your home

For more information:  Prpty Tax Refund Flyer

Still unsure if you qualify?  JC Treasurer’s Office is here to help. Call or stop by in person to find out more. 
JC Treasurer Carla Bishop
76 n Main St, Buffalo,  WY 82834
Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tel: 307 684 7302

For online applications click here


Pack Like A Pro
Back Country Horse Packing
April 26th 2024

Horse backpacking offers unique advantages for exploring the most secluded and serene areas of Wyoming.  On horseback, you can travel further, stay out longer without sacrificing necessities, and keep the wilderness pristine.   Many riders have come to deeply treasure the experience, perspective, and companionship of extended horseback adventures.  

But horse packing is not as simple as just loading up your gear and heading out on the trail.  Taking time to understand proper techniques not only builds your confidence but also ensures a more enjoyable and less stressful adventure for both horse and rider. 

Whether you are a complete newcomer to horseback packing or have experience there is much to be gained from developing your skills and expertise.   

Cloud Peak Back Country Horsemen, a local group, is putting on a free clinic on Sat May 4th that provides hands-on guidance from experienced instructors whatever your level of expertise.

Listen and find out more about the clinic and the local chapter of Back Country Horsemen.

For more information about the clinic:
Horse Packing Flyer-3

For more information about Back Country Horsemen: 
Floyd Roadifer: e
Cloud Peak Back Country Horsemen

Back Country Horsemen of America 

JC Hospital District Board Meeting
April 24th 2024

Approve previous Board meeting minutes 0:00
Approve Consent Agenda 0:45
Chief of Staff Report 1:45
Leadership Reports 7:00
Leadership Development Presentation 20:00
Evaluation Update Discussion 58:30
CEO Report 1:24:00
JCHC Financial Performance 1:38:30
Credentialing 2:04:15
Executive Session 2:08:30


Open House about Richardson Park
Possible Sewer Extension
April 23rd 2024

Handout Richardson Park 4:25:24

Note:  If you received a copy of the handout at the meeting it was missing Page 2.

Richardson Park is comprised of approximately 100 homes.  None are hooked to City sewer or water services.  County Planner Jim Waller is concerned that septic systems are aging out and the small lot sizes severely limit options for replacement.   

One solution could be extending City sewer up to the Richardson Park Subdivision boundary. 

Listen to the Open House hosted jointly by the City and County. The purpose was to explain the key issues and provide a Q&A session for property owners.

For more information:
Jim Waller
Johnson County GIS Manager/County Planner

Jeff Shelley, County Commissioner
307 684 7272

Scott Madsen, City Council
307 684 5566

A New Focus for JCSD#1?
What Will Be The Impact?
April 22nd, 2024

JCSD#1 is poised for a transformation if its new draft Strategic Plan is adopted, marking a pivotal shift in the district's culture.

Unlike the decade-old existing plan which heavily emphasized students, the new strategy broadens its focus to incorporate staff development and support.

Strategic plans should serve as an essential tool for aligning all stakeholders—staff, students, parents, and the community —toward shared objectives, effectively acting as a blueprint for success. However, over 90% of organizations fail to implement their plans effectively. 

What will be the implications of these changes of students and staff?  How significant is this shift in direction for everyone involved?   Supt. Auzqui explains and outlines what is needed for it to succeed. 

The Road to Excellence?

Identifying the specific combination of ingredients that lead to higher levels of achievement and performance can be challenging. In February 2024, a group of twelve from JCSD#1 journeyed to schools in Thermopolis, Worland, and Powell to discover quite what it is that has those schools attaining enviable ‘high performing’ status. 

What strategies and practices did they discover that could be implemented or adapted at JCSD#1?
The enthusiasm and energy from the group, comprising school board members, teachers, and administrators, was palpable following their visit.  Could their insights be the key to unlocking new levels of excellence within JCSD#1?

BHS Principal Gib Ostheimer, Dean of Students Chris Cox, Supt. Charles Auzqui,  School Board Trustees Casey Rodriguez & Marcia Goddard, and Kasshan Mathson BHS School Counselor review their visit.  

Camporee 2024
Good News or Bad News?
April 2024

Have you heard about Camporee 2024? If not, you definitely should. From August 5-11th, for the first time, Gillette will host this immense youth camping event at the Camplex, expecting a staggering 60,000 attendees from around the globe.

Camporee will turn the Camplex into a pop-up city populated by young Seventh-Day Adventist Pathfinders aged 10 to 15. Held every five years, Camporee serves as a pivotal experience in the church’s Pathfinder program, which parallels scouting with a religious dimension. These Pathfinders will be setting up camp and purchasing all their necessities locally. 

What about the wider impact? It's not only Gillette that will feel the effects. Surrounding areas, including Buffalo, are also set to experience an influx of Camporee visitors, and Gillette locals seeking a retreat from the influx. 

There are both potential benefits and undeniable challenges that come with the event.  Organizers have been preparing for three years from previous Camporees, especially those held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Consider the logistics needed to support a population more than twice the size of Gillette's usual 38,000 residents. 

Regional Emergency Management Coordinators are bracing for significant local impact. For local businesses, this could mean a surge in customers; however, this could also put a strain on services and infrastructure. 

The timing compounds the impact.  Camporee lands right after Johnson County Fair & Rodeo, coincides with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and all amidst WYDOT's construction projects on roads north and south into Buffalo. 

Emergency Management Coordinators at the forefront of preparing our region discuss how this could impact work and play in Johnson County and point to issues that local businesses and service providers should be preparing.

For more information:
Camporee 2024


Jimmy Cataline
JC Emergency Management Coordinator
26 N DeSmet Ave
Buffalo, WY 82834
Office: (307) 684-2761
Cell: (307) 620-0837


What's Up With The Water?
Buffalo City Water
April 2024

We take for granted that we turn on the tap and have a reliable and plentiful source of potable water on demand.  But have you ever paused to consider what it takes to get it from the source to your glass?

307NetInfo took a ‘deep dive’ into business at the Water Treatment Plant.    Find out where our water comes from, and the journey it takes to get to your house.  What happens to it along the way?  How much is it treated?  Is that enough or too much?    Some people have commented on unpleasant ‘taste and odor’ from time to time.  If it tastes bad, is it bad to drink?   

Find out more in our conversation with City of Buffalo representatives responsible for providing this essential service. 

For More Information:
Environmental Protection Agency 

Wyoming Water Quality Standards

Kevin Silbernagel, City of Buffalo Public Works Director, oversees Buffalo’s water supply. 
You can reach him at:
Phone: 307 684 5566

City Hall, 46 N Main St, Buffalo WY 82834


Buffalo City Council Meeting
April 16th, 2024

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes April 2, 2024

New Business
WYDOT Main St @024 - City concurrence 1:05
City Comprehensive Plan Survey

City Attorney, Dennis Kirven (none)
Building Inspector/Planning Director, Terry Asay (none)
Police Chief, Sean Bissett 4:55
Public Works Director 7:45

Oral/Written Comments (none)  8:50

Planning & Zoning Board mtg Apr 24 @ 1 pm
Dept Head Meeting May 7 @ 7 am
City/County Meeting May 21 @ 5 pm
City Council Meetings May 7 & 21 @ 5 pm
City Budget Meetings Apr 22, May 6 & 13 @ 1 pm
City Comprehensive Plan survey throughout April

Approval of Bills  9:40

Adjourn 10:00

County Commissioner Meeting
April 16th, 2024

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of April 2, 2024 Minutes

General County Business
Budget Hearing Resolution #720 1:00
Approve Comprehensive Land Use Plan Contract 4:20
1% Allocations 7:20
Novo Benefits Update 8:20
Resume 1% Allocations 26:00
    i. Prior Year Reversions
    ii. 2024 Allocations

Preliminary Budget Discussion 41:15
    1. Final Bill Pay Date - June 25th
    2.Budget Hearing Schedule
    3. Final Budget Hearing Date
TANF Application Approval 45:30
Cybersecurity Grant Renewal Approval 47:40
Approval 2024 Election Districts
(Precincts/Polling Places) 53:20Approval of Covid-19 Grant Amendment 57:55
North/South Bypass Project 1:01:55

Vouchers 1:16:45

Letters to US Game & Fish opposing Grizzly Bears, opposing grizzly bears Big Horn Nat Forest 1:18:00

Public Comment 1:
Jim Waller - Richardson Park Open Hous 1:19:00

Adjourn 1:20:40
Executive Session - personnel

City County Meeting
April th, 2024

Update for Main St Project 0:00
Interim Legislative Meetings in Buffalo 5:20
4-H Shooting Sports (Building Lease) 6:35 
Round Table 25:50
Richardson Park Public Meeting, Julie Silbernagel
City Comprehensive Plan, Myra Camino
Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cuttings, Shane Schrader
Richardson Park Public Comments, Jeff Shelley 28:30
Affordable Housing, Jerry Spiering  
Extension Office Remarks 30:20
Tourism Board (Jody Sauers) 30:45

Close 33:20

Next Meeting May 21 @ 7:00 am


County Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Commissioner Bill Novotny
April 15th, 2024

The last Johnson County Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted in 2005.  Much has changed in Johnson County since then, leading County Commissioners to contract a new comprehensive plan.   

Some people are wondering if it’s worth the $100,000+ price tag, others suspect this is a backdoor way of introducing county zoning.

JC County Commission Chairman Bill Novotny discusses the scope and purpose of this new plan and how it will be a valuable resource for local government.   

Cemetery District Board Meeting
April 9th, 2024

Public Comment (none) 0:00
Approve Agenda
Approve Vouchers
Approve Previous Meeting Minutes

Finance Report 2:00
Sexton Report 16:00

Old Business (none) 43:50
New Business (none) 

Adjourn 45:00

JCSD#1 Board Meeting
April 8th, 2024

Regular Session 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call

Kaycee Community Orchard Update 0:40
New Parent Liaison Introduction 3:00
Public Comment (none) 6:25
Additions/Accept Agenda 6:30

General Reports 6:55
Principal Report, Kaycee 7:10
Superintendent Reports 25:15
Director Reports 29:45
District Level Reports 33:10
Rec Board Reports 33:50
BOCES Report 35:00
BOHES Report

Consent Agenda 35:15
Certified/Licensed Staff Contract Renewal

Action Items 36:10
Policy Revision - second reading 37:50
Policy Revision - first reading 39:30
CPES Valve Replacement 48:50
DADA Compliance Study & Recommendation 49:45
CCMS Sealant Repair Project 57:05
Kaycee Audio Enhancement Project 1:05:00
Mil Levy Intents 1:11:00
4-Day School Week Recommendation 1:13:00
Item Sale/Disposal less than $500 1:24:45
Items Sale/Disposal more than $500

Other Business 1:35:55
From the Board
May Work Session
May Board Meeting
Communication Plans Update

Executive Session 1:37:45
1: 3 7 : 4 5 A. Personnel & Legal W.S. 16-4-405-(a)(ii)(iii)


Buffalo City Council Meeting
April 2nd, 2024

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes, March 19, 2024

New Business
Special Use Permit Request, 222 Bozeman Ave 1:30
JC Public Health, National Public Health Week 3:15
Animal Care Provider Contract 5:15
Johnson County Arts & Humanities Council Art & Music Festival July 27 Requests 6:05
Johnson County Recreation District 9:45
Buffalo Wells Project 10:50
BHS Bonfire Request Spring Fling Week April 21 14:20

City Attorney, Dennis Kirven (none)15:45
Building Inspector/Planning Director, Terry Asay 15:55
Police Chief, Sean Bissett 16:40
Public Works Director, Kevin Silbernagel (none) 19:15

Oral/Written Comments (none) 2:15

Announcements 20:25
City/County mtg April 16 @ 7 am
City Council mtg April 16 @ 5 pm
City Budget mtgs April 8, 15, 22 and May 6 & 13 @ 1 pm
Planning & Zoning Board mtg April 24 @ 1 pm
City-wide Water Meter Replacement Project begins April
Sunset Ave Reconstruction Project mtg April,
JC Library@ 5 pm

Approval of Bills

Adjourn 21:40

County Commissioner Meeting
April 2nd, 2024

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval March 19, 2024 Minutes

General County Business
Bighorn National Forest Update, Thad Berrett 0:50
Approve Dept. of Corrections Contract 25:30
Remarks on active shooter training, Sheriff Odenbach
Catering Permits 32:50
Update: Buffalo Beginner Gardener Course 37:15
Approval of 1% Committee Recommendations 42:40
Approval of Comprehensive Land Use Contract & Update to Planning Status 57:10
National Public Health Week 1:10:10
Request to Adjust PT Position to FT Position, JC Library withdrawn
Museum Memorandum of Understanding 1:12:50
Appointment of Special Prosecutor 1:17:05

Vouchers 1:20:40

Public Comment (none) 1:22:10

Adjourn 1:22:40

City of Buffalo
Dept Head Meeting
April 2nd, 2024

Discussion Items
Enterprise Funds - Rate Structure and Fee Schedule 0:00
Future Specific Purpose Tax 13:20
Capital Improvements Plan Updates 20:40
Buffalo Bulletin Water Notice/Wells Project  24:10
JC Recreation District Grant Application 33:50
Major Capital Construction Projects Updates 37:20

Department Head Items 
Clerk 54:35
Police Chief 55:40
Building Inspector & Planning Director 58:15

Board Liaison 
Myra Camino 1:03:20 
Mayor Schrader 1:06:15

Next Dept. Head Meeting
- Tues May 7, 2024 @ 7:00 am


Representative Harriet Hageman
Town Hall Event
March 26th, 2024

Fulfilling her campaign pledge to host a town hall event every year in every county across the state, Wyoming House Representative Harriet Hageman visited Buffalo on Tuesday 26 March.   

After 40 minutes making remarks on a broad range of issues from the border crisis, government spending and her own personal record and actions in Washington DC, Ms Hageman took questions from the audience. 

To find out more or to contact  Harriet Hageman click here

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group
March 2024

Too many people in our community have been touched by direct experience of a loss from suicide. 
Any form of grief can be challenging, but the emotions experienced after a suicide can be more intense and conflicting compared to other types of loss. Survivors might feel anger, guilt, confusion, and despair all at once. There’s often a strong sense of guilt, with survivors wondering if they could have done something to prevent the death causing a sense of responsibility or guilt.

This search for answers can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.

You may not feel you are a 'group' person but compassionate support and understanding can make a huge difference in providing support for family and friends left behind trying to make sense of a loss by suicide.

Lorraine Steppe and Bill Hawley host ‘Survivors of Suicide Loss’, a support group that meets monthly in Buffalo.  Listen and find out more about this safe and confidential space for those who have had any kind of experience of suicide. 

For more private & confidential information contact:
Lorraine Steppe and The Pines Counseling
307 684 5828 or

Survivors of Suicide Loss meeting 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm.
It’s free, non-religious and confidential and open to all survivors of suicide loss.   
Call for location details.   

Other sources of support:
Alliance of Hope for suicide loss survivors
988 Suicide Support Lifeline

JCSD#1 Considers 4-Day School Week REVISTED
March 2024

JCSD#1 has been considering whether to recommend moving to a 4-day school week in Buffalo.   As part of the process, the community is invited to comment on the idea this coming Tuesday, 26th March, at 5:30 pm, at Buffalo High School.

In June 2023, 307NetInfo explored the potential impact of transitioning to a 4-day school week in a detailed discussion with Superintendent Charles Auzqui and Principal Mike Hanson.  This is a great time to revisit it and get informed about the complexity of the issues. 

Does a shorter school week reduce the number of tuition hours?  How does it affect students of different ages?  Does it broaden or limit opportunities? Does it ramp up or reduce the pace for staff and students? What are specific considerations for smaller rural schools?   Indeed, are we talking about a ‘no school’ Friday or another day of the week?  Does it save money? 

Most importantly what is the likely impact on student and staff achievement?

With many considerations, all with multiple implications, discover what needs to be weighed up so the right decision is made for the right reasons.

JCSD#1 Considers 4-Day School Week. June 2023

JCSD#1 is evaluating the pros and cons of adopting a 4-day school week district-wide.   What would be the impact on student achievement?   It’s a very complicated analysis that affects budgeting, contractual arrangements, extra-curricular activities, and academic success.   

Mike Hanson, also Principal at New West High School, is leading the process.  Listen to what is under consideration, why, and how decision-making will proceed.

JC Healthcare Center Board Meeting
March 29th, 2024

Regular Board Meeting

Approve Regular Meeting Minutes Feb 28th, '24 0:00
Chief of Staff Report 1:00
Leadership Reports 10:45
CEO Report 26:00
JCHC Financial Performance 38:00
Credentialing 57:30
Compliance Review Approval 58:30
Executive Session 1:05:30


Buffalo City Council Meeting
March 19th, 2024

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda 0:45
Approval  Minutes, March 5 2024 1:05

New Business
- Buffalo Charitable Foundation, Ray Holt Recognition 1:05

- City Attorney, Dennis Kirven 6:00
- Building Inspector/Planning Director 6:20
- Police Chief, Sean Bissett 12:20
- Public Works Director, Kevin Silbernagel 12:30

Oral/Written Comments 14:00

Announcements 14:07
Planning & Zoning Board Meeting March 26 @ 1pm
Dept Head Meeting April 2 @ 7am
City/County Meeting April 16 @ 7am
City Council Meeting April 2 @ 5pm
City Budget mtgs April 1, 8, 15, 22 and May 6 & 13 @ 1pm
City Offices closed afternoon Fri March 29 (Good Friday)
City-wide Water Meter Replacement Project begins in April

Approval of Bills 17:10

Adjourn 17:25



County Commissioner Meeting
March 19th, 2024

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of March 5, 2024 Minutes

General County Business
Resolution #718 budget amendment 1:00
Homeland security acceptance 4:40
Contract Approval: Comprehensive Land Use Plan 7:10
Petitioner’s Application Special Use Form Approval 14:00
County Commissioner’s Scholarship 21:10
City County Cleanup May 15-18 Announcement

Vouchers 24:00

Public Comment (none) 25:30


City County Meeting
March 19th, 2024

Legislative Session Update 0:00
- Veteran’s Home Improvement funding
- Direct Distribution
- Housing SF11
- Property Tax
- Gun Bills

Richardson Park 11:45
Bomber Mountain Civic Center 36:00
City/County Spring Cleanup May 15-18 37:20
Roundtable Discussion 38:55

Next City/County April 16 2024 @ 7:00am


JCSD#1 Board Meeting
March 11th, 2024

Regular Session 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Silent Remembrance, Tiffany Songer 1:55
Early Childhood Literacy Position 2:05
Students With Disabilities, Melissa Brewer 11:45
ELL Program Update 35:15
Public Comment 49:10
Additions/Accept Agenda 49:15

General Reports
JCSD#1 Student Video 50:00
CCMS - Box Sled Challenge 53:20
Superintendent Reports 1:11:20
Director Reports 1:12:00
District Level Reports 1:18:30
Rec Board Report 1:31:50
BOCES Report 1:33:40
BOCHES Report 1:34:00

Consent Agenda 1:35:30
- Minutes 
- Warrants

Action Items
Policy Revision, 2nd Reading 1:36:00
Policy Revision, 1st Reading 1:36:40
District Annual Audit 1:43:00
New West 24-25 Proposed Calendar 1:43:55
Chromebook RFP 1:45:45
E-Rate Switch Project 1:49:30

Other Business
From the Board 1:51:30
April Work Session 1:51:40
April Board Meeting 1:52:20

Executive Session 1:52:40

Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting
March 11th, 2024

Open 0:00
Approve Agenda 1:20
Approve Minutes 1:40

Treasurer’s Report 3:00
Buffalo Director’s Report 8:00
Kaycee Director’s Report 14:00

Old Business
New Building 15:00
Billing Company Process 31:15
Transfers 32:30

New Business
Budget 24-25 Discussion 1:05:10
1st Health Network 1:16:00
CD’s Maturing 1:19:00
Transfer - JCHC 1:25:00
Kaycee Budget 1:29:45
Buffalo EMS Contract Proposal 1:33:40

Public Comment (none) 1:37:00

Vouchers 1:38:00


Next meeting April 8, 2024 @ 4:00 pm.  JC Planning Office, Buffalo WY