Crew Meeting,
Nov 2022

PIT stands for ‘Parents In Touch’. 

It can be difficult to get to meetings but if you are a BHS parent these sessions are highly recommended.  Whilst 307NetInfo can help you stay up to date on what you may have missed, there is nothing like attending in person.  You will get to interact with BHS teachers and staff on a different level.  They talk passionately about what they do, how they do it and reveal just how much there is going on at BHS for students of all interests and abilities.  Lots of opportunities to ask questions and find out about programs you were unaware of.  

Mrs Hetland is the new Spanish teacher at BHS.  She explained her teaching technique for engaging students and helping them progress.  Mrs Hetland engaged us in a quick class to demonstrate what she was describing.  

Mr Miller described the multitude of Ag related classes available to BHS students including Welding, General Ag, AG Construction, Entrepreneurship and Mechanical orientation. as well as animal husbandry.   

District Librarian Leigh Ann Schimmel walked us through the steps to connect with digital library options and how to navigate through them.  You may be surprised how much is available through the JCSD website.

You can connect with any BHS staff members through this link: