Controversy in Public Libraries –
Steve Rzasa, JC Library.
Nov, 2022

Concept of distribution of false literature, forbidden information, extremist. Stack of books on a black background

It is nothing new for books to stir up strong feelings and result in controversy.   Libraries as close as Gillette and Casper are coming under scrutiny and recipients of public outcry.  

307NetInfo talked to JC Library Director Steve Rzasa about the books on the shelves in our libraries. 

Listen to Steve explain the process and who decides what should be available, and how books are selected and categorized.   Also how to address the availability and appropriateness of books for children and teens in a public library. 

We asked about controversial books and how the library handles sensitive issues such race, sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual or explicit content.   

Of course, we had to talk about book banning, censorship and First Amendment rights too.   
More questions or comments?   

Reach Steve Rzasa 307 684 5546