What is in
JCSD#1 libraries?
Should you be concerned?

Libraries all across the country, as close as Gillette and Casper and as far as New York, are being criticized and even told what books they may shelve and which are considered pornographic, racist or against public sensibilities.  Opinions about the types of books school-age children can find and read are even more strongly held.  

In Johnson County schools, who decides the book list and what meets community standards?  What is the process?  What books are available to students?  Are they appropriate?

Superintendent Charles Auzqui and District Librarian answer questions. You will want to hear the answers.  

For more questions call JCSD#1 307 684 9571
Email Leigh Ann Schimmel (District Librarian)  lschimmel@jcsd1.us
Charles Auzqui (Superintendant)  cauzqui@jcsd1.us

Click on this link for the video referred to in the interview