BHS Students
Ask Mr Auzqui.
Dec 2022

Listen to this lively conversation with BHS students who ask Superintendent Charles Auzqui about athletic programs.   They wanted to know about funding for sports, how JCSD#1 chooses how to spend that money and the problems in making the funding model work.    Of course, participating in sports involves more than practice and game time.  Transportation, coaching, and scheduling are significant factors as well and Mr Auzqui details some of the intricacies and challenges.   

Our conversation turned to why athletics and extra-curricular activities are important and the benefits to students.  

Having just come off two days when school was impacted by severe winter weather, we switched gears. Students were curious about snow days and the policy or protocol JCSD#1 follows when deciding whether to call a virtual learning day or a late start.