School Active Shooter
Parent/Community Meeting.
Jan 16 2023

Listen here

Not long ago, Active Shooter Training in schools, businesses, hospitals, and government facilities wasn’t a priority – or even a thought – in organizations across America. Today,  a mass shooting incident can happen anywhere.  JCSD#1 believes in preparing for such an unthinkable event and has brought in Tac-One Consulting in collaboration with JC Sheriff’s Office and Buffalo Police Department to train staff, students and officers in tactics to best respond to an event. 

Listen to Trainer Joe Deedon and Superintendent Charles Auzqui in this recording of the Community/Parent Presentation explain the training and why it is important. 

Joe Deedon walks through the adult/staff program explaining when to choose evacuation, sheltering or barricading.   A unique aspect of this program is firearm knowledge training and the K-12 classes.  He provides examples of the different types of reactions both civilians and law enforcement personnel in the heat of the moment. 
How would you react? What would you do?   Find out more about this complex issue and the actions that save lives.

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