The View from Cheyenne.
Representative Barry Crago.
Feb 28 2023

Legislators are leaving Cheyenne having failed to provide Property Tax Relief. Legislature did not do its job. It’s back to the drawing board for at least one more year, in the meantime taxpayers will have to bear the burden. How did it fall apart?  What happened to more than 20 bills?  Barry Crago tells us to look at the voting records.  See how who was responsible?  Should we talk to those representatives to work it out?    

Do you agree that we should not sacrifice good for perfect?  Is the business of effective government about compromise?   

In the same week that property tax relief failed, representatives awarded themselves Per Diem increases. Barry Crago defends the increase saying it is legitimate as it provides much-needed financial reimbursement for the 500 or more boards and commission members who make invaluable contributions to the process.