The View from Cheyenne.
Senator Kinskey
Feb 8 2023

Following a long week of tussling with budget issues, we catch up with Senator Dave Kinskey in Cheyenne.     Listen to his progress report on what comes next, and his metric for supporting legislative funding. 

Tackling Wyoming’s high suicide rates is an issue for legislators.   There is widespread support for the 988 Suicide Hotline service but the funding mechanism remains undecided.   What does the Senator feel he can support and why?

Gender identity issues pervade this session,  notably in two bills;  one defining gender-affirming treatments as child abuse, and another tackling the issue of transgender athletes competing in sports.   Senator Kinskey defends his research-based position stating that his actions are based on protecting children.

Proposals to legislate I80 as a toll road failed but the question remains;  who should burden the massive financial overhead for upkeep and maintenance of this dollar-guzzling arterial route across Wyoming? 

Finishing up, the Senator draws attention to Governor Gordon’s goal of creating a fund of up to $300 million to attract projects into Wyoming – for example, hydrogen production, nuclear development programs, and ground-based strategic defense initiatives.   

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