“If I don’t, who will?”
Foster Parenting.
Feb 2023

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A stable, caring home for even a short spell can make a world of difference to a child.    

Kari Packard & Desiree Parsons talk about the reality of fostering.

Johnson County needs foster parents.   307NetInfo talked with Kari Packard and Desiree Parsons of the Department of Family Services (DFS).  They explain more about the experience of caring for kids who are not able to live in their family home.   Find out what it’s like to join a team of people who provide safe and stable care for kids they maybe don’t even know.   

Ashley Handley walks you through the foster parenting process

Ashley Handley (Foster Care Coordinator for Sheridan & Johnson County) explains what it takes to become certified,  the collaborative partnership between foster parents and case workers, and many other aspects of fostering.  

You may not feel able to open your home to children but you can still support kids in foster care by helping with donations of clothing or other practical support through Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange or call Buffalo DFS.      

For more information check out these resources: 

Contact the Department of Family Services:
Sheridan – https://dfs.wyo.gov/about/contact-us/sheridan-county/
Ashley Handley, Foster Care Coordinator (307) 675-5455

Buffalo –
Kari Packard  381 N. Main, Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
(307) 684-5513

Foster Care and Foster Care Training