Breaking Boundaries
and Building Futures. 
New West 2023 Graduates. 
May 2023

Every high school graduation is a notable milestone, symbolizing an individual’s achievement and growth. However, for certain students, this accomplishment holds even greater significance.

At New West High School in Buffalo, a school  designed for students who have faced challenges in traditional settings, something extraordinary has taken place with a stunning 100% graduation rate. This year, all 11 students enrolled at New West will be donning their caps and gowns, proudly receiving their High School Diplomas. 

Intrigued by these students’ stories, 307NetRadio talked with four of them who candidly admitted to previously slipping through the cracks. The question that arises is what sets New West apart, enabling these students to defy their own expectations and triumph over obstacles? And perhaps most importantly, what lies ahead for these remarkable graduates?