Crossing Cultures.
The High School
Exchange Experience.
May 2023

As the last school bell of the year rings, we bid farewell, ‘adios’, ‘arrivederci’ and ‘ha get bra’ to the four high school foreign exchange students as their year here in Johnson County draws to a close.  Two are from Madrid, Spain, one from Milan, Italy, and one from near Oslo,  Norway.  All very different places compared to Buffalo Wyoming! 

Find out about the experiences of these adventurous young globetrotters who stepped into a new country and navigated a foreign experience.  How have they bridged cultures and forged friendships?  How is Wyoming life different from their own back home?    What were the expected and unanticipated challenges they had to overcome?  And what will they take back from their American experience?  They discuss cultural comparisons, recounting their time of crossing boundaries and expanding horizons.