Helpful Conversations –
The Power of Sharing.
New Support Groups at VOA.
June 2023

Life can be tough, even for the toughest among us.   Sometimes we just need to learn some new ways of looking at things.   There is confidential help and support available.  

Kadelyn Burd and Tyler Broderick of Volunteers of America (formerly N Wyoming Mental Health)
explain new support groups on offer for anyone who is going through a tough time and the reasons behind establishing them.

Do you find yourself snapping or intolerant of others, even the ones you love the most?
Do you catch yourself doubting your worth or value?  Being hyper-critical of yourself? 
Are you an over-thinker?  Constantly think the worst could happen?  Are you stressed, trapped in a cycle of spiraling thoughts and attitudes? 
Do you lack self-discipline and do not know how to break into better habits? 
Do you want to gain self-control and emotional well-being? 
Are you a new mom and feeling stressed?  Not coping so well?  Post-baby blues?  

Call Kadelyn Burd
VOA Northern Rockies
521 W Lott St
Buffalo WY 82834
307 684 5531