First Board Meeting.
June 28 2023

Apologies for the static on some parts of this recording. We have taken measures to ensure this does not happen again.

Call to Order and Introductions 0:00
Approve Agenda 2:45
Consent Agenda 4:30
–  May Meeting Minutes
–  May 2023 Financial Report

Finance Committee 4:55
–  Final 2023/24 Budget
–  Checking Account authorized signatures
–  Accountant changes  9:25

Facilities Committee – Tom Knapp 10:45
–  Report and recommendations

Old Business  
–  Employee Handbook 27:40

New Business 
–  Sheridan College Lease 32:30
–  Training with travel (staff and board) 38:55

Other Business/Public Comment 44:00 
–  Affordable Housing, Jerry Spiering
–  JCTA Update, Kristen de Galard
–  Graduate (Culinary) Grant, Mike Hanson

Adjourn 1:46:15

JoCo First, also known as Kaycee and Buffalo Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board exists to build and enhance our regional economy, attract new businesses and support the growth of existing ones.