Roots and Routes.
Agritourism in
Johnson County.
June 2023

Find out more about the merging worlds of agriculture and tourism in Johnson County with Karina Mysse, a recent Buffalo High School graduate. Karina is no stranger to agriculture and ranching having grown up amongst cattle and rodeo as part of a local ranching family.

Johnson County has been welcoming an influx of visitors attracted by more than our stunning scenery and recreation opportunities.  This is playing a significant role in bolstering our local economy.  

Karina Mysse, a recent Buffalo High School graduate, explains what is it about Johnson County that pulls visitors in, and what kind of experiences they are seeking whilst they’re here.  As a native of the region and from a family long-involved in ranching and rodeo, Karina was intrigued to find out more about this growing phenomenon. 

Long-standing residents and hardworking ranchers, might be somewhat baffled to see their everyday life – their fields, cattle, and sprawling ranches – become a point of interest for outsiders. Find out more about the ‘why’ behind this burgeoning interest.

Whether you are a resident or a business owner, here is a chance to understand more about the growing synergy between the hardy world of agriculture and the allure of tourism and how it fuels our local economy, right here in Johnson County.   

This is one of three conversations with Ag Communications and Leadership students from Buffalo High School.  They chose topics to research, Agricultural Tourism, and the Cattle and Sheep industries.