The Affordable
Housing Crisis.
July 2023

Employers in Johnson County are struggling to bring in  employees across all private and business sectors.  It’s not that people don’t want to come here to live and work – in fact quite the reverse.  The area and the jobs on offer are very attractive to them, it’s the high property prices or rent and also a lack of real estate that has forced many to turn down job offers.   

This isn’t about growing our community, it’s about just sustaining what we have.  What happens to the multitude of services if we don’t have sufficient people to keep them running as we have come to expect? 

So far, property developers have not seen a way to keep pace with demand and the property crisis is growing.  Gerald Spiering, is concerned about this issue that is impacting many employers in town from JC School District, our healthcare sector, law enforcement, as well the private sector.    

Listen to what could be done here and now in Johnson County to respond to the burgeoning crisis and ensure we don’t lose out.