First Board Meeting.
Aug 30 2023

Call to Order & Introductions 0:00
Consent Agenda 0:35
July 26, 2023, Minutes
July 2023, Financial Report
Staff written report 

Finance Committee 1:15
a)     Budget discussion
b)     Report of awarded funding for FY 2023/2024 update
c)     Status of City/County invoicing moving forward

Facilities Committee 15:50
a)     Committee report – Fire Panel update, Fire Marshal requirements 16:00
b)     Mountain Meadow Woolen Mill discussion 19:20

Old Business – none 

New Business 23:45
a)     Staff report 23:55
b)     Ongoing HVAC issues 27:45

Other Business 35:00
a.     Public Comment 
b.    Open to Board Members
–   Training Opportunities 35:50 

September 27th, 2023, JOCO First regular meeting in Kaycee, City Hall, 8 am