Johnson County Sheriff.
Aug 2023

Scamming is nothing new in Johnson County.  However, the Sheriff’s Office and Buffalo Police Department want you to know about a recent uptick in scam phone calls trying to extort the public out of thousands of dollars.   This one fakes the vehicle accident of a family member and preys upon people anxious about their loved ones. 

The scammers will impersonate a family member and claim they have been involved in a serious vehicle accident. They’ll skillfully manipulate your emotions, making you anxious and worried about the well-being of your loved one. In such vulnerable moments, they’ll attempt to extort thousands of dollars from you. 

If you receive such a call, don’t act impulsively. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and verify the information independently. Reach out to the family member allegedly involved in the accident directly or contact other relatives to confirm the situation. 

Received a call like this?  Help law enforcement and call Dispatch at 307 684 5581