It All Adds Up.
Friends Feeding Friends.
Sept 2023

While many families in Johnson County face the constant struggle of making ends meet, Friends Feeding Friends is stepping up to the plate. The local group has cultivated numerous partnerships and is relentlessly working to ensure that struggling families can put food on the table. As grocery prices show no signs of falling, how is Friends Feeding Friends managing to assist those in need while also navigating the economic strain themselves?

Tune in for the latest updates on ‘help yourself’ mini-food pantries, weekend food bags for children, and more. Whether you’re considering if you might be eligible for assistance or are looking to make a contribution, get the full scoop from Breann Waller.

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Mini Food Pantry Locations:
– Compass Center for Families – 777 Fort St. Buffalo
– Johnson County Healthcare Center – 497 W. Lott St. Buffalo
– Cimarron Mall – 238 N. Main St. Buffalo
– Cornerstone Pharmacy – 150 E. Hart St. Buffalo
– St. Francis Animal Shelter -109 Flatiron Dr. Buffalo
– Red Wall Community Center 201 Center St. Kaycee