Students Ask…
Superintendent Charles Auzqui.
Sept 14, 2023

In the first of our regular sessions when “Students Ask….”,  Buffalo High School students quizzed Superintendent Auzqui about some issues on their minds. 

There are many new teachers faces this year and students have noticed. Representatives from Buffalo High School wanted to know if JCSD#1 is typical of other school districts around the state and is teacher turnover a bad or a good thing?  

The future is front and center of many students minds. Does Superintendent Auzqui believe JCSD#1 is striking the right balance between encouraging kids to go to college or to be prepared for other means of preparing for the workforce?  And how will Artificial Intelligence change how schools prepare students for life after K-12?   What is JCSD#1 specifically doing to meet that fast-moving challenge?