‘Cane and Able’.
White Cane Awareness.
Oct 2023

Imagine your world in an eternal night or being shrouded in a relentless fog.  What would happen to your independence, and your quality of life, and what about the simplest tasks you do every day?   Driving to work, taking a stroll in the park, or even finding your keys can suddenly seem like insurmountable challenges.

Join Sarah Sexton and Julie Heil who know a thing or two about navigating the world blind.  Sarah lost her sight due to an unexpected twist of fate and is now navigating a career and raising a family completely without her sight. 

Alongside her is Julie Heil, an Orientation Mobility Specialist.  Through rigorous training, Julie is skilled in the art of guiding people, helping them tap into tools and technologies, driving them toward self-reliance and renewed confidence.

One such tool is the iconic white cane – not just a navigational aid, but for Sarah, a powerful emblem of her regained independence.

During White Cane Awareness month, Sarah unveils her world and how to interact with people who are visually impaired.   If you’ve ever wondered about the do’s and don’ts when meeting someone with a visual impairment, Sarah explains what is helpful and, just as importantly, what is not.