The hazy crazy world of
Delta 8, Kratom and beyond.
Oct 2023

Even though Wyoming remains one of just a tiny handful of states holding out against the legalization of cannabis for either medicinal or recreational use, the law is full of loopholes being exploited by manufacturers. You can find products strikingly similar to marijuana and even opioids in the effects they can deliver widely available across the state – even in gas stations and convenience stores.

What do consumers need to know?  What are these products, who makes them, and who should use them?   

Find out more about the hazy world of Delta 8, Delta 10, and more derivatives with Ashley Schluck, Wyoming’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor.  In her position, Ashley has gathered a detailed knowledge about these substances and digs down on their effectiveness and safety to help you know what you are buying.   

And Kratom? What on earth is Kratom? It’s often sold as a natural product, which implies it is “safe” and can be used without problems. What exactly is that stuff?