What Should We Do With The Place?
Ranch Succession Planning.
Nov 2023

Passing on the family ranch from one generation to the next is steeped in tradition yet rife with challenges. This transition is not merely a business transaction; it’s a transfer of legacy, livelihood, and a way of life deeply intertwined with identity and family history. The challenges are multi-faceted, involving emotional, financial, and practical dimensions.  

Wesley Tucker, from the University of Missouri Extension, is an expert with personal experience who has talked to ranchers and farmers all over the United States guiding families in deciding “what to do with the placeâ€. At the invitation of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, Wesley recently visited Johnson County speaking to local ranchers.

Whilst every situation is different, his experience demonstrates that there are a handful of guidelines that any family can benefit from when grappling with these difficult decisions.  

Discover strategies to navigate family and business roles, improve communication, deal with sensitive issues, and form a plan to transition ranch ownership and management. 

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