Digital Dilemmas.
Parents, Kids & Cellphones.
Dec 2024

Feeling the heat from your kid begging for their own cellphone? Or are you worried that you’ve lost control over your kid’s online life?  You’re not alone.   Many parents find themselves torn between granting access to the digital world and the fear of its consequences. How do you balance your child’s screen time and keep them safe? What about privacy?  Looking for practical advice?  

Uprising, the anti-human trafficking group from Sheridan, WY has seen firsthand how digital devices can be a double-edged sword for young minds, bringing both incredible opportunities and daunting challenges.

Curious about what they have to say? So were we at 307NetRadio. We sat down with the Uprising team for a deep dive into the digital dilemma. Join us as we take a look at this modern parenting challenge and explore what options parents should keep in mind in this high-tech age.

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