Freedom Caucus Town Hall.
Dec 9, 2023

The Wyoming legislature, whilst overwhelmingly ‘Republican’ in name, is experiencing increasing internal divisions. There are significant differences amongst  Republicans on key issues, leading to a growing rift between the far-right Wyoming Freedom Caucus and a separate group who are pushing back against their agenda, known as the Wyoming Caucus or sometimes ‘Team Wyoming’.

It’s becoming crucial for voters to thoroughly understand the specific type of conservatism their representative or candidate supports, whether it aligns with the Freedom Caucus or the Wyoming Caucus. This knowledge is vital for making informed decisions in elections. Current Johnson County HD40  Representative Barry Crago aligns himself with the Wyoming Caucus.

To find out more about the Wyoming Freedom Caucus and hear directly from them about their agenda and objectives listen to the Town Hall Meeting where many legislators spoke and answered questions.  House Majority Floor Leader Chip Neiman was the Keynote Speaker. 

The Town Hall meeting was hosted by the Republican Women’s Freedom Alliance (RWFA). 

Warning: The initial audio amplification had issues with poor quality, we have improved it as much as possible. However, listening through earbuds or headphones might be uncomfortable for some listeners due to these residual original audio issues.

Open & Welcome – Laura DeMatteis   0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
National Anthem – Amy Williams
–  Announcements & Thank Yous  3:40
–  Womens Suffrage slideshow, Amy Williams 6:30
–  Republican Women’s Freedom Alliance introduction, Laura DeMatteis 17:30
–  David Iverson, Independence Network Internet Radio 19:10
–  Tom Kelly, Wyoming is Right 23:10

–  Introduction of Representatives

John Bear Opening Remarks 0:00
Scott Smith HD5 Goshen County- Government Spending 12:00
Tony Locke – Property Tax Relief HD35 Natrona County 21:10
John Bear HD31 Campbell County – Property Tax Relief 29:00
Allen Slagle HD02 Goshen, Niobrara, Weston County – Eminent Domain 33:10

~ Property Tax Relief 50:10
~ Property Tax Petition 1:10:45
~ Carbon Sequestration 1:19:15

Break 1:27:35 (recording runs through a portion of the break) 
Resume 1:32:00

John Bear, Wyoming Freedom Caucus Leader  1:32:10
Chris Knapp, HD35 Campbell County
– Protecting Kids, Library Books 1:39:50
Mark Jennings, HD30 Sheridan County
– Parental Rights 1:52:30
Jeanette Ward, HD57 Natrona County
– Restoration of Freedom 2:00:20
Ken Pendergraft, HD29 Sheridan County
– 10th Amendment Reinforcement 2:10:15
Bill Allemand H58, Natrona County
– Protecting Freedoms, Foreign Land Ownership 2:28:00

~ Foreign Land Ownership 2:38:00
~ Explanation of upcoming Legislative Session 2:30:45
~ Non-Profit Organizations 2:50:00

Mark Jones, Gun Owners of America  0:00

Chip Neiman, House Majority Floor Leader – Keynote Address 16:40

Close 53:20

Wyoming Legislative Representatives present were:
John Bear, HD31 Campbell County
Chip Neiman, HD01 Crook, Weston County
Ken Pendergraft, HD29 Sheridan County
Bill Allemand, HD58 Natrona County
Jeannette Ward, HD57 Natrona County
Scott Smith, HD20 Goshen County
Allen Slagle, HD02 Goshen, Niobrara, Weston County
Tony Locke, HD35 Natrona County
Chris Knapp, HD35 Campbell County
John Winter, HD28 Big Horn, Hot Springs, Fremont, Park County
Tomi Strock, HD06 Converse County
Mark Jennings, HD30 Sheridan County