Student’s Ask….
Superintendent Auzqui.
Nov 30, 2023

Students at Buffalo High School had lots to ask Superintendent Auzqui and much of it revolved around policy and decision-making, and how to have their say as decisions are being made. 

They are concerned about how different teachers apply rules and policies differently.  As the District’s leader, they wanted Mr Auzqui’s opinion on making things fair for everyone.   

The daily schedule shake-up this year requires students to attend all classes every day.  This means shorter class times and ‘adios’ to Advisory periods. Some students are just trying to keep their heads above water with this new regimen. They pressed Mr. Auzqui for answers, like why this change even happened and if he was in favor of it.

The lingering question of transitioning to a 4-Day Week across all JCSD#1 schools loomed large, with the students eager to understand how close JCSD#1 is to making this significant shift.