Students Ask…
Supt. Auzqui & School Board Chairman Pearson
Feb 12, 2024

BHS Student Council representatives have challenging questions for Superintendent Auzqui and Board Chairman Travis Pearson about JCSD#1 testing scores.  How should these results be interpreted?  Are they good enough? Are students getting all they need to reach their potential?   Are the tests even relevant?  How does JCSD#1 gauge its strengths and weaknesses? 

There is more to school than academics. You may be surprised that JCSD#1 has the most students involved in activities than any other Wyoming school district. Involvement in non-curricular activities is valuable to many students. Where does it fit into a students overall success and readiness for adulthood? And this all costs money. How does JCSD#1 balance all this out?