The View From Cheyenne
Senator Dave Kinskey
Mar 7, 2024

As legislators worked to close up the 2024 Budget Session, Senator Dave Kinskey was at the center of Senate representation on the Joint Conference Committee, charged to reconcile the $1.1bn difference between the two chamber’s budgets.  Amidst reports of negotiations having stalled, President Ogden Driskill abruptly changed direction, collapsing the Senate’s representation and replacing the committee with new members. 

Kinskey shares insights into these developments and reaffirms his dedication to the core tenets of Conservatism. He stresses that true Conservatism is not about penny-pinching for frugality’s sake; it’s fundamentally about lending support to those in genuine need.

In this critical session, where the primary objective for legislators is to deliver significant property tax relief, which of the remaining bills earn his support?

The session has been challenging, filled with tension and tumult,  as a seasoned legislator, Kinskey calls upon his fellow elected officials to rise above the fray and set aside drama, or temptation to make a headline, and focus solely on the task at hand.