What’s the Plan?
City of Buffalo Comprehensive Plan
with Councilwoman Camino
April 16, 2024

Buffalo City Council is developing a new ‘comprehensive plan’.   The previous one was adopted in 2007.  Some 17 years later, the City of Buffalo is facing a new set of challenges and opportunities.   How will this new plan be an effective and worthwhile tool?  

Councilwoman Myra Camino has been instrumental in shaping the new comprehensive plan that is intended to define the future of our community.   It’s an ambitious undertaking addressing issues such land use, housing affordability, transportation, public services and business development.    307NetInfo asked her to explain this pivotal document, how it will be developed, and why it is important to City and County residents.   

Find out more and accept the invitation to make your views part of the decision-making process.  

For more information contact City Hall 307 684 5566

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