Challenges for JCSD#1?
May 2024

Governor Gordon vetoed legislation to eliminate gun-free zones in most public places, including schools, across the state in March this year. Although shot down for now, it’s widely expected to be just a matter of time before it is presented again and passed into statute. This issue evokes strong reactions and is a far more complicated topic than many people realize. Supt. Auzqui addresses some of the challenges and the District’s next action. 

At the end of any school year, staff turnover is anticipated. But with teaching experiencing a nationwide decline in new teachers entering the profession combined with an upswing in the number of teachers leaving the profession, how is CSD#1 faring in attracting and keeping staff? 

For more information about recent resignations, click here

As federal Covid-related funding ends, Superintendent Auzqui explains how the money JCSD#1 received was spent.  What impact did it have?  How much will the district feel the pinch?