Reid Rasner for US Senate
Town Hall
May 11, 2024

Reid Rasner is challenging incumbent John Barrasso for his Senate seat in Washington, DC, arguing that Senator Barrasso has failed to protect or champion Wyoming’s interests effectively. Since announcing his candidacy in August 2023, Rasner has been rallying support across the state.

A self-proclaimed “disruptor,” Rasner is a businessman from Casper with limited political experience. He believes his fresh ideas and perspectives resonate with Wyoming voters and promises to be a formidable challenger to the status quo.

Listen to the full audio from the Town Hall event at The Virginian Restaurant at The Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, WY. The event was conversational, taking questions from attendees, without prepared speeches or statements, and addressed a wide range of issues important to voters.

Listen and decide for yourself how well Reid Rasner’s views align with your own and if he should win your vote.

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We apologize for poor audio quality.  We have done everything possible to improve it but are limited by the acoustics of the venue and background noise.