Land Use Plan Open House
City of Buffalo
June 24, 2024

City Of Buffalo held an Open House seeking public comment on future land use, zoning, and development.

It was emphasized that any Land Use Plan is advisory and for guidance only.  Wyoming statute prohibits land use plans from becoming mandatory regulation.   

Listen to the introduction that explains the purpose and context of the Land Use Plan, followed by a period of public questions.    

After this, attendees were invited to peruse the maps and presentation materials, ask questions, and provide comments individually.  This part of the meeting is not included in the audio.

You can find the maps and materials referred to here:
City of Buffalo Comprehensive Plan 2007.  See Chapter 11.

CIP GIS Application 

Urban Growth Boundary

Zoning Use Conflicts

For More Information Contact:
City Of Buffalo Planning Director, Terry Asay
City Hall, 45 N Main St, Buffalo ,WY 82834
T: 307 684 5566 Ext 6