Putting Johnson County on the Map!
Johnson County Tourism Association
June 2024

As Memorial Day rolls around, tourists and visitors begin to flood our beautiful community. But how do they discover this hidden gem, and what convinces them to make Johnson County a key part of their vacation plans?

The Johnson County Tourist Association (JCTA) is dedicated to promoting our county to tourists and visitors. It’s been a big year for the Association, having taken on two full-time employees and various projects. It’s unlikely that people here will see much of their efforts, as they are intended to reach an entirely different audience. However, their role is crucial, as tourism is a significant contributor to our local economy.

JCTA Board Member Brian Whitlock and Marketing Director Toby Carrig take us on a journey through the JCTA’s vital work, exploring what makes Johnson County so enticing to visitors. What kind of tourists are we attracting, and what activities do they seek? How can we develop and grow this important cornerstone of our local economy, especially during the so-called “off-season?”

Who is footing the bill for the JCTA activities?  Their budget is around $250,000 annually.  Where does that money come from? 

You may have heard about a proposed increase in lodging tax from 5% to 7%. JCTA is leading this raise. What is it, why is it being proposed, and who will pay it?   
Remember to check out JCTA’s new website, visitbuffalowy.com, a comprehensive guide to attractions and events in Johnson County.

If you’re involved in serving tourists, JCTA might be able to support you with promotion or employee training.  
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