Securing the Vote?
Ballot Counting in Johnson County
June 2024

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Johnson County Clerk Jackie Camino oversees the election process in Johnson County.  Clerk Camino provides an insider’s perspective on whether voting in our county is truly fair and honest.  Find out more about the mechanisms and safeguards in place to ensure that voting in Johnson County can be trusted.

We delve into the intricacies of the election process, how votes are registered and counted, and address common concerns.  What are the measures taken to prevent fraud and ensure transparency?  What steps are being taken to maintain trust in our democratic process?

Note:  Mistrust in electronic tabulation of votes has circulated for the past two election cycles, despite the lack of hard evidence of material fraud in Wyoming or elsewhere across the USA.  Various entities and individuals in Wyoming are calling for a return to hand-counted ballots.  Critics and analysts argue that there is persuasive evidence that hand counts are more expensive, laboriously slow, and contain more errors.