Candidate Forum,
Oct 2022,
Buffalo City Council

4 candidates are running for 2 seats as a result of the write-in vote.  They will join John Camino and Scott Madsen on City Council.  
The candidates are Myra Camino,  David Iverson, Mike Madden, Jody Sauers. (Jody Sauers was out of town.)  
So we welcomed Myra Camino, David Iverson and Mike Madden.  
Introductions 0:00
1. What previous qualifications or experience do you have that would benefit this position?  2:25
2. You did not file for office during the filing period.  What made you stand as a write-in? 6:00
3. What is your opinion regarding growth within the City? 9:15
4. Many of the City’s strategic plans are becoming dated and may need to be revise. How would you work to make sure plans are turned into effective action and do not gather dust on a shelf? 13:45
5. Our county population is predominantly over the age of 55, with a quarter over 65.  How should this impact the services City of Buffalo focuses on?   18:35
6. Is the aging population a concern?  How do we attract young people to stay or return to Buffalo? 22:55
7. How would you address the shortage of housing, especially workforce housing, within the City?  27:50
8. In what areas would you seek greater cooperative efforts with the County and County Commissioners? 32.05
9. Are there specific actions or proposals by the current City Council with which you either agree or disagree?  37:40
Rebuttals or Specific Additional Comment  42:00
Closing Statements 45:00
Public Questions
Ideas for attracting manufacturing to create jobs and keep young people in Buffalo 49:00
AirBnb’s & Short Term Rentals in Buffalo 1:01:35