Candidate Forum,
Oct 2022,
Rural Healthcare District

Back on ambulance first responder

There are 6 candidates running for 3 seats.  They will join Marilyn Connolly and Marie Miller on the Board.   
The candidates are Britni Camino, Tom (Tiddle) Camino, Mark Haines (incumbent), Jim Hicks (incumbent), Adam Michelena and Mark Schueler.   

Tiddle Camino, Mark Haines and Jim Hicks did not reply to the invitation to participate in this forum.   We welcomed Britni Camino, Adam Michelena and Mark Schueler.  

1. What previous qualifications or experience do you have that would benefit this position? 1:25
2. Do you have a specific reason for running at this time? 6:10
3. The Board is developing plans for a new designated ambulance barn at the Johnson County Fire location at the North Bypass in Buffalo.   What is your opinion on that proposal?  10:45
4. The greatest challenge to EMS nationwide is the lack of people willing to become certified and serve as EMTs.  What would you do to encourage local people to serve in Johnson County?  16:25
5. What is your opinion on the value of paramedics for the Kaycee and Buffalo ambulance services?   27:45
6. Are there specific actions or proposals by the current Rural Healthcare District Board with which you either agree or disagree?  26:40
7. Should you be elected, consider the end of your term, what do you hope will have been accomplished during your time? 31:18
Rebuttals or Specific Additional Comment 35:05
Closing Statements  40:45
Public Questions 
– What would you do to attract and retain EMTs? 43:15
– How many EMTs are on call, how is the service staffed? 48:15
   Dave Harness,  Board member Marie Miller