Candidate Forum,
Oct 2022,
Cemetery District

There are 5 candidates running for 4 seats.  They will join John Ehlers and John Hansen on the Board.    The candidates are Sheila Camino, Luke Goddard, Elizabeth (Liz) Graves, Barbara Mueller and John Zorbas.  Barbara Mueller is running unopposed for the 2 year term created as a result of a former board member’s resignation.  
We welcome Luke Goddard, Elizabeth (Liz) Graves, and Barbara Mueller.  Sheila Camino is out of town.   John Zorbas did not reply to the invitation to participate in this forum.  

Introduction 0:00
1. What previous qualifications or experience do you have that would benefit this position? 3:00
2. Do you have a specific reason for running at this time? 7:30
3. What is your opinion on the $400 fee recently implemented for Saturday burials in Buffalo and Kaycee? 11:30
4. What specific actions or proposals by the current Cemetery District Board do you either agree or disagree with? 11:40
5. Consider the end of your term in office.   What do you hope will have been accomplished during your time?  20:50
Rebuttals or Specific Additional Comment 25:00
Closing Statements 23:35
Public Questions 
Steve Gunsolley, former board members remarks 29:55
Use and purpose of various buildings incl sexton’s house/office 32:05