Supt. Charles Auzqui,
Nov 22 2022

Full of Thanksgiving spirit and an ‘attitude of gratitude’ 307NetInfo talked to Superintendent Charles Auzqui.    We talked about the value of training and collaborations through the Wyoming School Boards Association.

JCSD#1 is already planning Professional Development for next summer which includes professional growth and better teacher & principal evaluation systems.  

Worried about school shootings?  JCSD#1 is addressing that in very practical terms.  Tack One training will be coming back for the second year of three, building on previous active shooter training plus procedures for emergencies.  This is a new partnership with local law enforcement and JCSD#1.  Watch out for more information and a community invitation to find out more. 

Professional Development continues to be a focus.  Charles describes how this will be expanded in practice for maximum results.   

School buildings need regular upkeep and maintenance.  There is a new Facilities Review Report.  The first step in a 5-10 year planned and budgeted approach to maintenance and upkeep. JCSD#1 is looking at $20m worth of projects for basics like roofs, and HVAC systems.  A planned approach is vital for reaching a balanced budget by 2025.  

We wrapped up with an overview of the Winter Season and talked about the monthly student video. Click here for October’s Student Video:   https://youtu.be/YRVcrpcbtwI

And, of course, we ended in an ‘attitude of gratitude’.