JoCo First
Board Meeting.
Jan 11 2023

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JoCo First, also known as Kaycee and Buffalo Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board exists to build and enhance our regional economy, attract new businesses and support the growth of existing ones.

307NetInfo will record and post their regular board meetings and report on relevant issues or events.    

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  1. Call to Order 0:00
  2. Review / Accept Meeting Minutes – Meeting Dec 14, 2022 0:10
  3. Financials 0:45
    Treasurer’s Report 
  4. Staff Reports 13:35
    BMCC General Update
  5. Old Business 26:45
    Update on possible grant for Economic Development/Comprehensive Plan 
  6. New Business 32:00
    Discuss Employee Handbook & Benefits 32:05
    Election of Officers/Term Expiration 35:00
  7. Other Business 39:55
    Public Comment (none)
    Mountain Meadow Woolen Mill update 40:15
    Board Members Comments 50:50
    Next Meeting – Feb 8, 2023