The View from Cheyenne. Senator Kinskey
Jan 12 2023

307NetInfo will be providing weekly updates from our representatives in Cheyenne.  Just a few days into the session here Senator Dave Kinskey’s report. 
He represents Johnson & Sheridan Counties.  Not only is he Senate Vice-President but also Chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee.  

In this short first interview, Senator Kinskey highlights the biggest issue on the table is what to do with the $4 billion surplus.   Spend it or save it?  Wyoming is familiar with boom-then-bust cycles? What can we learn from previous experience?   What should be done about funding for education?  What about swift action for property tax relief?   

Want to hear more?   Senator Dave Kinskey, Senate Vice-President 2023-24, and Chairman of the Appropriations Committee gave a preview of the upcoming legislative session at Buffalo City Council meeting.   Listen here