Active Shooter Readiness.
Sheriff Odenbach & Police Chief Bissett.
Mar 23 2023

Mass shootings have become a tragic and too frequent occurrence.  In the space of just five days,  there have been two school shootings, one in Denver CO, and another in Nashville TN.  Flags are at half-staff outside schools and parents across the nation are questioning the safety of their children during the school day.  

Training is a critical component in preventing or responding to mass shootings.  Well-prepared and fast response time to such an incident can make a significant difference to the outcome of such an event.   What is happening here, in Johnson County?     Is there any reassurance for parents?   

During our recent interview with Sheriff Odenbach and Police Chief Bissett we asked about this issue.  You can drop in here to listen.   

For the rest of the interview which focussed on the surge in drug use click below