The Surge in Drugs.
Sheriff & Police Chief.
Mar 23 2023

News media report almost daily on two massive challenges facing the nation;  drug use and mass shootings.   Should Johnson County folks concerned? How are our Sheriff and Police Departments tackling the challenge?    By proactive policing and working together. 

Sheriff Odenbach and Police Chief Bissett are working hand in glove.  They report that in 2023 they are seeing a significant uptick in the use and availability of methamphetamine.  It’s cheaper and more plentiful in supply here in Johnson County than before.  They also report a staggering increase in substances laced with fentanyl and more IV use.    A new software program is an invaluable tool for retrieving leads as well as evidence.  

Listen in for an informed perspective on what’s happening here and now in our community.   

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