Amy Holt
Nursing Home
Reduces Capacity.
May 8 2023

Staff shortages have forced Amy Holt Nursing Home to close 11 of its 44 beds.  The situation has far-reaching implications for both patients and their families, as well as the financial stability of JCHC.

Compounding the issue, JCHC is also facing increasing overhead costs in every category, making it challenging to meet the demands of providing high-quality patient care.

These difficulties are not unique to Amy Holt Nursing Home, as nursing homes and healthcare facilities across the country are facing similar staffing shortages and financial constraints.

How will JCHC look for solutions that allow the facility to maintain the best possible level of care for its patients?   CEO Luke Senden discusses in detail the issues at hand and JCHC’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare in this challenging environment.