Students Ask
Mr Auzqui.
May 4 2023

Don’t underestimate BHS students.  They are curious, thoughtful, and keen to understand and be involved in decision-making on issues that impact them.   BHS students sat down with Superintendent Auzqui and raised several important questions including the potential benefits and drawbacks of implementing 4-day school weeks, block days, and half-day Fridays.

While students are involved in the process of appointing new teachers, they wanted to know about the interview and hiring procedures and the criteria used to make these decisions.  Additionally, they sought insight into Mr. Auzqui’s qualifications for his leadership position within the district.

As graduating Seniors and current Juniors prepare to advance, the students wanted to hear Mr. Auzqui’s thoughts and advice for their future success as they close one chapter and open the next.