County Tourism Association.
Who? What? Why?
May 2023

Chairwoman Jody Sauers, and board member Anita Peoples, describe Johnson County Tourism Association (JCTA) as the ‘marketing department’ of Johnson County.  Funded solely by lodging tax revenues, it operates at no expense to Johnson County taxpayers and is working to spotlight the best of our county to bring in visitors.

So, what exactly does JCTA do? Who are the people they attract to visit, and what do these visitors want to see, experience, and enjoy while they’re here?

One of the key goals of the JCTA is to lengthen the time visitors stay, maximizing their opportunity to discover our community, frequent our businesses, and soak up the unique atmosphere that is in Johnson County.  What does that take? 

If you’re a business owner you might be wondering how this impacts you. Although the JCTA does not directly engage in business development, they can provide valuable insights to help you better attract, serve, and satisfy the tourists who are vital to our local economy.

Listen and find out more work of the JCTA, its role, its strategies, and how it is shaping the future of tourism in Johnson County.