Parent Liaison in
Elementary School.  
What’s the Point? 
May 2023

Delve into the role of the Parent Liaison at JCDS#1 with Kristyn Alger, the dedicated Parent Liaison, who sheds light on her work and its purpose.

Often misunderstood, the Parent Liaison program at JCDS#1 is not solely designed for families facing challenges. On the contrary, it is available to all families of elementary school students. It’s a proven initiative that brings benefits to every family and student involved.

Currently, in its first year as a pilot program, the ultimate goal is to expand its reach to encompass grades K-12. How does this program have a positive impact on children and their success in school? 

Is the price tag of $65,000 worth it?  Superintendent Charles Auzqui and Compass Center for Families Director Kassahn Mathson explore this and how JCSD#1 measures the success of the Parent Liaison program. 

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