“It’s a Dog’s Life?”
Councilwoman Myra Camino answers questions about the new animal shelter contract.
Jan 29, 2024

EDIT JAN 31ST, 2024.
Since this interview was posted St Francis Animal Shelter has issued the public notice below

Buffalo City Council has shaken things up by switching animal protective services from St. Francis Animal Shelter to a new kid on the block, the Buffalo Kennel Club, and it’s got a lot of people concerned and asking questions.

People want to know why the City Council decided it was time for a change. What made them pick this provider? What are the credentials and facilities at Buffalo Kennel Club?  What is the fate of unclaimed dogs? And importantly, does this decision unfairly favor a full-time City employee who works at City Hall?  
We asked Councilwoman Myra Camino, who’s been right in the thick of the issue, to answer these questions and more.