Making the Money Around.
Supt. Auzqi, JCSD#1.
Jan 19, 2024

Everything leads back to the money. Some say there is too much funding, others that there is not enough.     

Superintendent Charles Auzqui covers a multitude of different areas that JCSD#1 juggles every day. At the heart of the matter is money and making ends meet.  Less enrolled students = less $$.   Plus, cash flow is a perpetual headache.  Could the upcoming legislative session make changes to help with that?    

Some people are calling for reduced funding for education in Wyoming. How do we know we are getting bang for our buck and what does JCSD#1 do to constantly be looking for better cost efficiency?   

With reduced funding, the “extras” are the first to get trimmed.  Around 80% of students are involved in extracurricular activities.  Will less money mean that some programs will have to be put on ice? Supt. Auzqui explains the review that is in progress and lies ahead.

But before we got into all of that, we talked about the weather and how a single cold snap can impact everything!