JoCo 1st Board Meeting. Jan 22, 2024

The meeting took place at a different time and venue than published which resulted in the first 30 minutes not being recorded.  Recording begins at Finance Report. 

Call to Order & Introductions
Consent Agenda 
Staff Written Report 

Finance Report 0:00
– Dec/Jan Financial Report
– Dept of Audit Report
– Bookkeeping

Masterplan Discussion 11:50

Budgets 20:00

Vote on Finance Report 28:55

Election of Officers 30:15

Board Member Comments
– Jeff Shelley, JoCo 1st Board Purpose 39:30

Public Comment
– JCTA Introduction, Toby Carrig 48:25

Adjourn  49:10

Next Meeting Feb 26, 2024 @ 5:30 pm Bomber Mountain Civic Center