JCSD#1 Considers 4-Day School Week
March 2024

JCSD#1 has been considering whether to recommend moving to a 4-day school week in Buffalo.   As part of the process, the community is invited to comment on the idea this coming Tuesday 26th March, 5:30 pm at Buffalo High School.

In June 2023, 307NetInfo explored the potential impact of transitioning to a 4-day school week in a detailed discussion with Superintendent Charles Auzqui and Principal Mike Hanson.  This is a great time to revisit it and get informed about the complexity of the issues. 

Does a shorter school week reduce the number of tuition hours?  How does it affect students of different ages?  Does it broaden or limit opportunities? Does it ramp up or reduce the pace for staff and students? What are specific considerations for smaller rural schools?   Indeed, are we talking about a ‘no school’ Friday or another day of the week?  Does it save money? 

Most importantly what is the likely impact on student and staff achievement?

With many considerations, all with multiple implications, discover what needs to be weighed up so the right decision is made for the right reasons.

JCSD#1 is evaluating the pros and cons of adopting a 4-day school week district-wide.   What would be the impact on student achievement?   It’s a very complicated analysis that affects budgeting, contractual arrangements, extra-curricular activities, and academic success.   

Mike Hanson, also Principal at New West High School, is leading the process.  Listen to what is under consideration, why, and how decision-making will proceed. 
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